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To celebrate J. S. Bach's birthday and Early Music Day, which falls on 21st March, Pipeworks Education and Outreach Officer, David O'Shea, will perform a series of recitals of some of Bach's most popular works in a number of churches in suburban Dublin.


These short programmes are an ideal introduction to the organ for anyone who has never before attended a recital.

2024 Organ Workshops with Pipeworks at NCH


20 February 2024 - David Adams
12 March 2024 - David Leigh

5.30 - 7.30pm

Numbers are limited, and so early booking is advised.
To reserve a place, please contact

20th February: Renaissance and Baroque Performance with David Adams Well-known recitalist and teacher David Adams, Professor of Organ at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, will present a workshop on music composed between 1500 and 1800. The workshop will focus on questions of articulation, registration and general interpretation, and participants will benefit from David's expertise in the performance of early music. Organists of all levels are invited to participate, and are welcome to bring along copies of scores as samples for discussion, or simply to observe.  

12th March: Romantic and 20th-century Music Performance with David Leigh - David Leigh, Pipeworks Artistic Director, will present a workshop on organ music composed between 1800 and the present day. As a renowned exponent of the works of Reger, Vierne, Messiaen and many others from this period, David will offer valuable advice on stylistic issues and questions of registration. Organists of all levels are invited to participate, and are welcome to bring along copies of scores as samples for discussion. This is an informal workshop, and so participants are welcome either to play short excerpts or to observe.  

PIPEWORKS FESTIVAL 2023 - Masterclass Series
Students wishing to play in any masterclasses should contact David O’Shea at


Masterclass with David Goode, 3pm

St Philip's Church, Temple Road, Dartry

In this the first of three masterclasses, David brings his expertise and experience to bear on the music of the German Romantic tradition, and in particular Max Reger, of whose music he is a renowned interpreter. 



Masterclass with Francesca Massey, 3pm

St Philip's Church, Temple Road, Dartry

 In the second of our masterclasses, featuring the superb 2018 Trevor Crowe instrument in St Philip’s Church, Milltown, Francesca Massey will welcome repertoire from all periods, with a focus on Romantic music and works from the twentieth century.


Masterclass with Matthew Owens, 10am

St Philip's Church, Temple Road, Dartry

We return to St Philip’s Church Milltown for a class with Matthew Owens.  Having held posts at Edinburgh (St Mary’s), Wells and Belfast cathedrals, Matthew is now a much sought after recitalist, choral director and teacher. In this masterclass, he will bring his expertise to bear on the works of the German Baroque.



Masterclass with John Kitchen, 3:30pm

Public Theatre, Trinity College Dublin

 In this masterclass, organists will have the opportunity to benefit from John Kitchen’s expertise in English organ music from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Players are also welcome to present other works of the late Renaissance and early Baroque.

WINDS AND PIPES is a fun music education programme aimed at primary and secondary schools co-developed by Pipeworks and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral featuring the WOOFYT (Wooden One-octave Organ For Young Technologists), a piece of equipment that includes a pump, blower, and several pipes.

It is interactive, whereby the children push on the pump and blowers, whilst creating music on the individual pipes. The WOOFYT allows the children to perform on this scaled down and simplified version of an organ and at the same time teaches them the science behind the mechanisms, uncovering some of the mysteries that lie behind the pipes of an organ. The workshops also include singing, bringing an awareness and focus to the physiology of the bellows function of the children's lungs.


These sessions can be described as workshops where science meets the arts and are a fun way of learning both.

WOOFYT 2017-2020 & 2023 projects funded by Dublin City Council, The Arts Council of Ireland in partnership with St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.

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