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 Education & Outreach 

WINDS AND PIPES is a fun music education programme aimed at primary and secondary schools co-developed by Pipeworks and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral featuring the WOOFYT (Wooden One-octave Organ For Young Technologists), a piece of equipment that includes a pump, blower, and several pipes.

It is interactive, whereby the children push on the pump and blowers, whilst creating music on the individual pipes. The WOOFYT allows the children to perform on this scaled down and simplified version of an organ and at the same time teaches them the science behind the mechanisms, uncovering some of the mysteries that lie behind the pipes of an organ. The workshops also include singing, bringing an awareness and focus to the physiology of the bellows function of the children's lungs.


These sessions can be described as workshops where science meets the arts and are a fun way of learning both.

WOOFYT 2017-2020 projects funded by Dublin City Council, The Arts Council of Ireland in partnership with St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.

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