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Pipeworks' celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Louis Vierne's Birth

Pipeworks is pleased to present two further online events on November 22nd and 29th to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Louis Vierne.  

Sunday November 22nd, 7pm: Streamed on YouTube and Facebook
Organist, scholar, and Pipeworks Associate Artist Dr David O’Shea will present an illustrated talk on Vierne’s organ music, its structures and forms, and its place in the canon of the great French organ tradition.

Sunday November 29th, 7pm: Streamed on YouTube and Facebook
Then it is my honour to offer a performance of Vierne’s monumental 5th Symphony for organ, recorded especially on the organ of St Patrick’s Cathedral.  At nearly 50 minutes this is the longest, and in many ways most demanding of the organ symphonies.  Its use of cyclic themes, its pushing the boundaries of tonality, and by the sheer virtuosity and colour of its writing make it a compelling piece, all too rarely performed.

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